I will forever Thank Becca for helping me create and develop my website. I had difficulties on where to start and what should I do. When we started working, it was nonstop, she keeps on reminding me all the things needed to keep up with the goal and it’s timeline. I learned to be more disciplined under her. I have no knowledge when it comes to technical matters in creating a website, yet, she was patient enough to teach me everything. She is so generous with information so I could keep up my site. I feel at ease working with her, especially of all the confidential accounts that needed for my site. She even suggested changing all the passwords after our contract to maintain the confidentially on my end. Above all, she’s very approachable and makes you feel comfortable working with her. She’s open to everything, and if she feels my request is unknown to her, she will let you know and exceeds her time to understand and do the effort to give me what I have requested which by the way are beyond what we have agreed upon or beyond our main contract. She extends her time even after our contract to help me succeed in my site. ~ Fern (http://everywherewithferna.com/)